Multimedia Handbook

This useful tool will introduce parents and other stakeholders to the most popular websites and social nets used for communication between young people, exposing the strengths and risks of each of them.

Once the risks are addressed, the Multimedia Handbook will show ways of prevention based on habits and behavior on social networks and Internet. Furthermore, there will be guidelines to lead parents on the best way to react in case of detecting situations of risk, including all resources and mitigation actions detected in each country.

Multimedia Game

The multimedia game is a tool to prevent situations where there could be a risk of harassment. It offers interactive teaching on privacy, data processing, use of help files and resources. It is addressed to adults in contact with young social network users. The screenplay will be instructional and multimedia, presenting six scenarios of social networking risky situations.

Once the material is produced, the consortium will conduct a pilot implementation of the produced material, in order to ensure that the project meets the quality requirements and is adapted to meet the needs of the transversal target group of the project.

This pilot implementation implementations will be carried out among 4 workshops that will take place in Spain, Ireland, Romania and Portugal. The main stakeholders related to the topic of the project will be Parent-Teachers Associations (PTA), teachers, students, parents, school counselors and others.

During these workshops, parents as users will show how they can use the Social Nets and Internet, based on the material developed. 

PARENTNETS: Report on the Prevention of risks for the minors in Social Networks and Internet.