The main objective is to cover a necessity addressed in the on-line environment. Many young people are interacting electronically through tools that their parents are not aware of its working and risks, therefore, are not able to control.

ParentNets aims to be innovative, as there are no programs so far as broad and specific in the field of adult education on this topic. Partners want them to know more about the activities their children develop on the Internet, with particular emphasis on the detection and prevention of the risks that the new technologies have for the youngest. 

Target Groups

  • Parents from the countries involved in the project and all Europe, especially those in charge of children and/or with low education on ITC tools.
  • Teachers of primary and secondary school interested in being informed about the topic.
  • Stakeholders and any other professional working with the groups involved and the risks of internet whom can benefit from the materials, as they will be available for free on-line.
  • Companies providing Internet services.
  • Organisations aimed at child protection.

Expected Results

The main outcome of this project is to produce multimedia material to train parents in the use of the ways of communication brought by Technological Society and the risks involved. This will contribute to the prevention, detection and solution of possible risk situations, already defined above. 

1. As a preliminary activity, the consortium will perform a research on the involved countries about the use of Internet by young people, particularly by minors, highlighting the following:

  • Most popular websites used for communicating and sharing content and whether or not they are adapted to the EU’s Safer Networking Principles.
  • Main risks of the use of Internet, with particular attention to the use of social nets, and the relation between these risks and the different type of Internet websites or tools. 

This research will lead to a Report with the outcome of the research, per country and for the whole consortium. This report will be the basis for developing the content of the multimedia tools.

2. As a container for all the material to be developed partners believed that the best to make it accessible and multimedia was by hosting the tools in a webpage. The webpage will be developed from the early stage of the project with three main objectives:

  • Hold the produced multimedia material: Multimedia Handbook and Multimedia Game
  • Hold relevant information about the project and its partners activities
  • Become the support and main reference for dissemination

3. The web will host the two real outcomes of the project: Multimedia Handbook and Multimedia Game.