Colegiul National Pedagogic ”Stefan Velovan”

Colegiul National Pedagogic ”Stefan Velovan” is a prestigious 144-year-old school, with 110 teachers and 1700 students. There are philological, pedagogical high school classes and  science-oriented classes. Our organization has expertise in following areas: dissemination and valorization, e-learning content de-velopment, interdisciplinary Training and research, blended learning, mentoring,testing the contents in pilot trainings.

We have been involved in many local, regional and national Networks such as Conferences, Symposiums, projects. We made many meetings as a local community and Seminars.
All ours activities are focused on ensuring the sustainability and continuous development of courses and materials through: train mentors for use of innovative approaches for providing them with practically oriented skills, contributing to help people making their decisions and engaging with them in the development’s process of the region.