Training parents for detecting and preventing risks on Social Networks and Internet

ParentNets will provide attractive and relevant material for parents related to the Internet and Social Networks that will allow them to prevent their children being exposed to risks related to the use of the Internet and social networks and the ways to detect problems.

Most parents do not have the basic knowledge and information required to keep their children safe online. There is a need to create a tool for training parents, in an attractive, interactive and easy way. This tool will be an innovative instrument for a target group that needs to prevent, detect and solve some of the risks involved on the Social Networks and the Internet. This project focuses on “step-up awareness and empowerment” (according to the pillars of action of the “European Strategy for a Better Internet for Children”). The ParentNets project will make possible an innovative and enjoyable way to show parents how to work with these IT resources, both to train parents and also to avoid the most common risks for children present on the Social Networks and the Internet.

The Family is the basic social structure, in which the majority of value learning is produced. It is very important to understand the need to train parents and teachers to ensure they act as the primary prevention agent. The role of the family as a preventive agent is unquestionable in all aspects. Related to the use of ICT, parents have the responsibility to inform their children of the risks involved in its use, making them aware of those risks and the safest procedures to use on social networks and the Internet in general to avoid problems occurring. At the same time, parents must communication regularly with their children to immediately identify any problems. For this purpose, parents must continuously update their knowledge of these risks and measures must be taken to prevent them.



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